Manufacturing Technology Centre’s Virtual Conference on Artificial Intelligence

April 21, 2021



The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) are hosting a free event on Artificial Intelligence taking place on 21st April.  This event welcomes anyone interested in pioneering artificial intelligence research and exploring what the future holds for artificial intelligence and business intelligence. With the help of AI experts and panellists from leading manufacturing organisations you can delve into thought-provoking keynote presentations, audience driven Q&A sessions, and inspiring workshops to help you start or grow your AI journey.

No matter what areas of artificial intelligence you’re interested in learning about, the MTC is here to help and inspire the manufacturing world. 


Event Key Topics


  • The future of Artificial Intelligence
  • Starting your AI journey and becoming data ready
  • Discover AI for industrial applications
  • Understanding the risks and benefits of AI maintenance and security
  • How to improve your business intelligence


Why Attend?


  • Inspiring keynote speakers and panel discussions
  • Participate in audience driven Q&A sessions
  • Attend virtual interactive workshops
  • Watch a digital experience tour of MTC artificial intelligence demonstrators


Access the event, see the agenda and find additional information HERE.  

Members of our team attending