Will a Robot Take My Job? Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

February 5, 2020

Grimond Lecture Theatre 3
University of Kent

As part of the Discover [email protected] lecture series Dr Colin Johnson from the School of Computing discusses the future of work and the impact of AI.

A new industrial revolution is upon us, as intelligent machines take the place of humans across the economy. The impact of this could be vast – from increasingly sophisticated robots carrying out manual work, to artificial intelligence doing work in the law and accounting, through to robots working in the most human of jobs such as health and social care. This talk will examine whether the hype around AI is justified, which areas of work this will revolutionise, and which jobs will be untouched.

Furthermore, we will discuss how the structure of the workplace and management will need to change, and where legal responsibility will sit in cases of error, harm or negligence. Of course, this revolution will not happen in a vacuum – in the final part of the talk we will consider how the economy and politics will need to change to cope with one of the most disruptive changes of the 21st century.

The talk will be followed by a reception and networking event open to all attendees.

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Members of our team attending

Don Shaw-Case
Knowledge Exchange Lead – Artificial Intelligence