EIRA supports webinar series in collaboration with New Digital Horizons


The New Digital Horizons webinars were a series of online programmes delivered by students and academics supported by the University of Kent’s Innovation and Enterprise staff. The webinar series was a response in part to the impact of COVID-19, to help support regional business in adapting to the new challenges caused by the pandemic. The project was aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises and was part of the EIRA Digital Hubs funded intervention

The webinar series focused on using the knowledge and skills of students from across different curriculum areas of the University to offer quick solutions to business related issues. This gave businesses a unique insight into the topics that students were engaged in and helped cover quick outlines for new business growth opportunities. The webinar series provided a catalyst for sharing new horizon technology development and acted as a channel for enabling university-student centred solutions.


The programmes focused on:   


∙  VR and AR for Business ideas

∙  Social Media for business 

∙  Selling online solutions for business 

∙  Online security

∙  COVID business recovery ideas


VR and AR for business ideas

Presented by Sophia Ppali and Yun Jung from the Electronic and Digital Arts school. Sophia Ppali covered the value of Virtual Reality for new digital creative media solutions, in health care, design, retail education and training. In particular, she gave examples of her research development work on virtual stages for artists to perform during the pandemic.

Yun Jung covered the value of augmented reality for new business ideas. Yun provided an outline of the technology and how it is being used in game development, manufacturing, and tourism. Yun referred to the EIRA funded NetPark project, which both she and Sophia have been involved with.


Social media for business


Sophia Ppali provided an outline of some of the mainstream social networking solutions and discussed ideas on how to use them for promoting business growth. Sophie explored the social media platforms of Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and how to maximise their effectiveness for business.  Adam Blackwood also gave a short overview of the value of Twitter and a rationale for investing in social media. 


Selling online solutions for business


Temiloluwa Akanbi presented her experiences from running her own sites for retail combined with her knowledge of business administration from a Business Analytics course at the University of Kent. Temiloluwa provided an outline of her preferred routes for developing online retail and marketing solutions. The ideas covered included: Etsy, Facebook, Wix, WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace and Big Commerce as well as designing your own website.


Online security


Anthony Ifeacho from Computing Sciences gave suggestions for better internet safety online. Anthony covered everything from password managers, using wifi in public spaces, email scams, protecting your network, and other ideas for safer online business


Recovering business after Covid-19: are you ready?


David Muzart, a master’s student at Kent Business School  will give the final presentation on Wednesday 28th April at 3.00pm. The presentation will cover:


  • Context
  • Business adaptation and optimism
  • Concept of resilience
  • New consumers and the next normal
  • Digital and omnichannel strategies
  • Some key actions to take now


You can watch the full New Digital Horizon webinars HERE

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