EIRA supports Webinar with the University of Kent and Sekisui Diagnostics UK Ltd


EIRA are supporting University of Kent academics who are working with Sekisui Diagnostics in exploring immunoassay performance. Sekisui Diagnostics will be hosting a live webinar on Wednesday 15th April at 16:00pm to discuss how optimising conjugation of a novel recombinant alkaline phosphatase could enhance commercial immunoassay applications.

Alkaline phosphatase is an enzyme used in blotting, histochemistry and a wide range of diagnostic immunoassays, to detect very small amounts of target analyte.  Sekisui Diagnostics UK Ltd. have developed an alkaline phosphatase enzyme, which has unique properties allowing an increase in the sensitivity of the assay in a variety of laboratory applications. The University of Kent have expertise in different chemical conjugation methods and have applied this knowledge to generate conjugated alkaline phosphatase reagents whilst still maintaining high activity of the alkaline phosphatase in laboratory diagnostic assays.


What you will learn:

  • Novel bacterial alkaline phosphatase alternative for use in immunoassays
  • How to optimise the conjugation of this novel alkaline phosphatase
  • In use application data for this novel alkaline phosphatase


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Dr. Paul Bennett, Principal Scientist, Sekisui Diagnostics (UK) Ltd

Alex Buckley, Research Assistant, University of Kent

Dr David Beal, Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Kent

Prof. Mark Smales, Professor of Industrial Biotechnology, University of Kent