Enabling Research in Digital Creative

EIRA have released a new film that highlights how the project is supporting knowledge exchange between digital creative businesses and academic expertise. Featuring interviews from Emma Wakeling, Knowledge Exchange Theme Lead for the Digital Creative theme, Matthew Linley from Funnelwick Limb, Prof. Paul Hibbard and Dr. Loes Van Daam, both from the University of Essex, the film demonstrates how a digital creative project supported by EIRA has gone from strength to strength.

The team worked together on the creation of an immersive VR experience that accompanied a stage play of ‘The Mystery of the Raddlesham Mumps‘. Prof. Paul Hibbard and Dr Loes Van Damm’s academic expertise was required for the psychological assessment of the immersive app, particularly focusing on audience participation and enjoyment of the app in relation to the play. The team wanted to explore the potential commercial benefits offered from utilising different media (poem, book, stage play and app) in enhancing audience understanding and enjoyment of the work.

You can watch the full short film here, or visit this link to watch full screen: