Biotechnology makes a major contribution to the UK’s growing bioeconomy. Finding applications across a number of sectors, it offers solutions to the diverse range of challenges facing modern society in terms of health and wellness, food, energy, the environment as well as materials and chemicals. As we approach the fourth industrial revolution, it has never been more vital for biotechnology to help us heal, fuel and feed the world.

Businesses of all sizes already apply biotechnology solutions to a wide range of products, including:

  • sensor development
  • healthcare diagnostics
  • health promoting foods
  • medical devices
  • biocatalysts
  • biofuels
  • bioremediation

EIRA can provide you with access to experts, specialist facilities and the R&D support to develop your idea. Our funding and opportunities help reduce risk, save time and provide you with the confidence you need to implement change for increased efficiency and productivity.

The EIRA network has a range of expertise in the following areas:

  • Heal: Biotechnology for health and wellness

    Drug discovery, drug delivery technologies, sourcing novel compounds from the natural environment, biotherapeutics, anti-microbial resistance, vaccine developments, nutrigenomics, gastroenterology, gut microbiome, stroke rehabilitation, genomics, bioinformatics, biostatistics, personalised medicine, epigenetics, computational biology.

  • Fuel: Biotechnology to protect the environment

    Biogeochemistry, biofuels, bio batteries, bioremediation, industrial enzymes, synthetic biology.

  • Feed: Biotechnology for food production and processing

    Crop breeding and genetics, efficiency increases in food production, animal genomics, sustainable animal nutrition, post harvest technologies, phenomics, high throughput phenotyping, soil nutrition, soil microbiome, pollination, water management.

EIRA funding and specialist support helps you identify and implement biotechnology opportunities for your business.